Interactive Audio/Video Response

Keep your business, employees and customers safe with real-time interactive monitoring and audio/video response available 24 hours a day.

Real time response is the most powerful deterrent to organized theft and other security risks for your business. 

Real-time response is at the heart of Iverify’s unique approach to security. This service delivers a secure working environment as well as a range of financial competencies – all delivered through our state of the art Interactive Security Operations Center (“The I”):
  • Real-time interaction with your customers and employees
  • Immediate/fast response to high risk situations
  • Coordination of first responder activity in concert with real-time video feeds from alarms or guard tours
  • All responses come from full-time, highly trained security professionals in “The I”

How does Interactive Response Work?

At Iverify, we offer both a proactive and reactive service. Our Interactive Security Operations Center (The “I”) will respond to a signal, view video, and identify if intruders are in the store and dispatch police. Through this visual verification, the alarm is now considered a verified response, in most jurisdictions, and expedites a response.

Interactive Response

  • Employee-initiated monitoring (phone or panic button) and/or randomly scheduled virtual guard tours, both supported by video surveillance, real-time audio response/intervention, and police notification as required.

Reactive Response

  • Response to alarm and motion-detected activity after hours. Real-time audio response and police notification for intervention. Due to the high instance of burglar alarm activations from alarm devices (door contacts, motions, glass breaks, etc.) after business hours, Iverify can easily perform Video Verification of an event to improve response time from local law enforcement and reduce costs for false alarms.

At Iverify, we are positioned to help you incorporate this cutting edge service across your various security requirements and offering you the flexibility to scale services up or down based on your needs.








Iverify is a licensed alarm and locksmith in Oklahoma-License #1848.




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