Business Intelligence Services

Leverage technology-driven analytics and reporting to improve your business through better decision making and compliance 

Business Intelligence can help you transform your audio and video security data into added value across your organisation. At Iverify, we use both statistical and detailed information on activity and event handling, video monitoring and other documentation to assist you in increasing revenue and ensuring policies and procedures are followed across different departments – all within your requisite time frames and specifications.

Operational Audits 

Reduce your risk of non-compliance fees and delayed deadlines with our Operational Audits. Using our sophisticated storage, management, retrieval and utilization services for audio and video surveillance and data, you can monitor of all this data and transform it into useable information to create long-term benefits for your business.

With Iverify’s audit and reporting capabilities, you can now:

  • Ensure that programs are implemented and followed as intended
  • Ensure that policies are being adhered to at all times
  • Evaluate safety and operational compliance
  • Identify patterns in security incidents
  • Maximize ROI of your advertising investments
Video Analytics for Business Process Enhancement

Build on your video verification program, and use your collected information to improve your competitiveness and increase knowledge about your business that otherwise would not be available to the naked eye. 

With Iverify as a strategic partner, our state-of-the-art analytics can help add an additional layer of protection to your exterior and perimeter locations. We use powerful software that automatically memorizes and continuously compares specific video scenes to detect discrepancies, unauthorized entry, motion, etc. If anything changes (for example, a body passes through the scene, or an item disappears), the system notifies our Interactive Security Operations Center (The “I”) which monitors and continues to record exception activity for intelligent comparisons. We then act on your behalf to address the situation. 

Utilize Iverify’s Video Analytics for Business Process Enhancement for:

  • Monitoring dwell time in zones or retail stores 
  • Ensuring that policies are being adhered to at all times
  • Better understand your customer behaviour during their visit to your premises
Add value, performance and efficiency through your security video surveillance services through:
  • Displaying new and deep insights from otherwise unused video data that can help you reduce costs and increase efficiencies
  • Provide additional opportunities for customer and employee engagement
  • Leverage current video investments to provide long term operational, finance, and marketing value. 

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