Alarm Permit Management Services

Alarm Response protocols across the nation have changed dramatically over the last several years. Gone are the days when Police and Fire responders would rush to the scene of an alarm to offer their assistance. 


Your landscape has changed 

Unfortunately for the business world, the landscape has changed considerably. As more and more local governments have enacted ordinances that require alarm verification before emergency personnel will respond, the need for loss prevention and security professionals to ensure the alarm permits for each individual location are up-to-date. That task has become so cumbersome for most LP and security personnel that they have sometimes found themselves in the uncomfortable position of explaining to their company executives why Police or Firefighters didn’t respond to locations after a burglary or fire, even though the alarm had been triggered and these first responders were notified.

With an Alarm Permit being required if you maintain or have installed, on any premises, any alarm system that directly or indirectly signals your local fire or emergency services, you need to ensure you are completely covered and compliant in the event of an incident.


Benefit from significant cost savings through:
  • Reduced fines as a result of compliance with jurisdiction

  • Simplified store manager participation

  • False Alarm negotiation

  • Execution consistency

  • Reduced processing costs 

Alarm Permit Management delivers:
  • Complete administrative management and execution of alarm permits, deadlines, renewals, false alarm fees/fines, payments, and all supporting tasks

  • Complete document management solution through a Web-based application

  • Up-to-date compliance with all local, state, and national jurisdictions

  • Identification of locations that are required to be registered

  • Maintaining false alarm fee/fines and reduction, or being placed on the No-Dispatch-List

Your compliance greatly impacts the ability to legally do business in any jurisdiction. Let us help you stay protected.


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