Access Control

Control access to safeguard your premises, your people, and your merchandise

Take the first step toward discouraging theft and encroachment at your business locations


Eliminate the risk of intrusion at numerous entry points

Do you have multiple entry locations for customers, employees, and deliveries or a single point of access? If so, Iverify's Electronic Access Control systems can economically manage anything from a single door to thousands of entries at multiple locations with its proven enterprise-wide web-based application — efficiently mitigating against the threat of theft or intrusion, safeguarding lives, and reducing shrinkage.

Be proactive — cameras can help catch a thief... Access Control can stop them and protect lives

Video cameras often discourage theft and often catches shoplifters trying to walk out the front door. However, in many cases intrusion takes place through other access points, such as your employee entrance doors, receiving doors, and compactor doors, both during and after business hours. The cost of merchandise that "leaves" your premises during a 24-hour period can be staggering; not to mention, having a negative impact on employee morale without specific and verifiable information.

Protect lives and minimize your liability

More importantly, unauthorized entry into your building(s) and offices put your employees and customer's lives at risk. Bottom line, inadequate safety measures can dramatically increase your liability. Adequate security, on the other hand, can reduce your insurance costs. Ensure your business is properly protected with the right Access Control system to meet your unique business needs.

24x7 Protection

Extend your support team via our Access Control monitoring systems and let us help you protect your assets during all hours of the day.

Your benefits include:
  • Increased visibility by granting or restricting access to specific areas of your building.
  • Reduced security costs while remaining compliant with local/federal regulations and insurance requirements
  • Managed access control, electronic locks, and mechanical key systems through one interface
  • Deployment of a highly intelligent system that works with your existing badges and recognizes, rejects, and reports badges that are copied without proper authorization
  • Seamless interface with fire, video, alarm, and existing building management systems
  • Recording of system data and events in real-time as people enter and exit, giving you an instant picture, in case of emergencies
  • Minimized risk of litigation and potentially reduced insurance costs.

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