Meeting the challenge of safeguarding your products, employees, and customers
Real-time asset protection easily and economically integrated with your existing security system


Your one-of-a-kind challenge

It used to be that the biggest threat to grocery and convenience stores was the occasional theft from an adolescent wanting to experience the thrill of lifting a candy bar or a pack of gum undetected. Not anymore. Few retail environments mirror the scale of products, length of operating hours, and the number of customers you now serve. Security is a major challenge for both of these fast-moving and customer-focused establishments. Crimes such as employee/customer/vendor theft, robbery, burglary, vandalism, and indiscriminate violence are on the rise — making your store extremely difficult to secure.


Our one-of-a-kind solution

Iverify has designed a specialized security package that combines our unique and robust services to offer a 360-degree protection program across your operation. Your protection services include:

  • Intelligent Alarm Systems: significantly reduce shrink by limiting opportunities for employee and vendor theft. Our system was designed with grocery in mind and allows us to separate the store into finite areas, providing automated time windows for production.

  • Digital CCTV with Remote Monitoring: we can assess your current CCTV solutions to determine ways to help leverage your Return on Investment (ROI). Iverify has a myriad of solutions that allow you to monitor stores remotely and efficiently, regardless of your IT structure.

  • DSD (Direct Stream Video) Vendor Defender™ Solution: protects your assets throughout the DSD process while you focus on other areas of your business. It provides visual remote observation and confirmation to vendors, delivery drivers, and employees of delivery process and truck seal procedures. This real-time resolution simultaneously prevents delivery drivers from exiting with unauthorized merchandise and eliminates the need for on-site personnel to perform delivery audits — decreasing shrink, increasing sales via more accurate inventory delivery, and saving labor costs. 

  • Remote Auditing and Safety Monitoring: allows you to turn your CCTV system from a liability into an asset with Iverify’s team of highly trained security professionals. You'll also benefit from remote audits that will provide your managers with the necessary information to either coach or commend employees on their safe work practices.

  • Cash Control Verification: cutting corners during the deposit verification process leaves your cash assets susceptible to theft and errors. Rigidly monitoring your deposit verification process increases the likelihood your employees and managers will follow protocol.

  • Interactive Video/Audio: real-time audio response is at the heart of Iverify’s unique approach and underpins the ability to immediately interact with customers and employees, respond to high-risk situations, and coordinate first responder activity in concert with live video feeds from alarms or guard tours. All responses come from full-time, highly trained security professionals in "The I".

  • Stock-on-Hand Verification: this verification process increases your value-add by using your CCTV system to help keep your stores in-stock

  • LP Awareness Solutions: a full range of information and communication materials to educate your employees, vendors, and potential shoplifters on solutions and raise awareness of the importance of security overall. Iverify’s solutions help put the "Prevention" back in Loss Prevention. 



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