Jose Chavarria / Strategic Technology Advisor

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Jose Chavarria is strategic technology advisor with Iverify. He is focused on advising the company on technology related services required to deliver Iverify services. Jose brings over 15+ years of experience in the technology space directly related to remote video services. He is considered an expert in fitting technology to delivered solutions.

Jose began his work with Iverify via a predecessor company (InterSTAR) in 1997, where he served as Vice President of Technology and led the development of one of the first remote video systems designed specifically for the security industry. Prior to his shift to the security space, Jose worked as an Engineer with NASA at the Johnson Space Center, where he was instrumental in developing software solutions to measure launch vehicle performance. Jose was also key in the design and development of body mass measuring systems which are still in use today in the International Space Station.

Soon after joining InterSTAR, Jose began developing InSight, Iverify’s proprietary middleware solution which allows monitoring systems to interface together and is still in use today. Jose continues to be involved in all aspects of Iverify’s technology strategy. His leadership particularly in the innovative integration technology allows Iverify to deliver world-class interactive video monitoring to our customers.

Jose holds a Bachelors of Science Degree from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas.


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